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New plant-based food company combines healthy food with good ol' fashioned fun.
We're proud to build a brand that sits at the intersection of food and fun. It is our fundamental belief that the way to encourage folks to eat more plant-based foods is to delight them with delicious flavor and a fun and magical experience—not to barrage them with facts about health outcomes or the harsh realities of animal agriculture. See how our packaging turns into a soccer ball and other materials are designed for reuse and play here.

She made a New Years resolution to have more fun—and ended up starting a plant-based food company.
I adopted a plant-based lifestyle during the pandemic, after learning about how it would positively impact my health and the health of our planet. But one of the main reasons I started this company was to have more fun. Yes, fun. Read more here.

Can oil-free Indian food meet the bar for taste? Self-proclaimed Dal Makhani connoisseurs have told us this is the best they've ever had.

Our foods are uniquely oil-free. This may seem especially uncommon for Indian cuisine, but the food typically found in an Indian restaurant is not reflective of how these foods have been cooked at home for generations. In our homes, these dishes have long served as nutrition-packed staples and are prepared with minimal added oils. In an effort to minimize refined ingredients, First Seed takes things a step further by completely removing any oils, butter, ghee, and dairy from the recipes. They still retain great flavor and aroma, thanks to high quality spices and innovative new cooking techniques.

This design-forward food company's packaging turns into Tic Tac Toe boards, soccer balls, a pair of dice, and more.
Every single piece was designed with care and intention to be reused for play. See 5 of the games you can create with our food packaging here.