Healthy food can be really, really fun.

We've paired our delicous meals with an experience that's truly delightful. Especially so for young kids, who are actively developing their tastes and preferences.

Below find a list of ways to reuse your First Seed packaging for play, including turning our Discovery Box into a paper soccer ball.

Note: This box-to-ball has 2 patents pending. Please do play, please do not plagiarize.

Here are 5 ways to reuse your packaging for play:

Tic Tac Toe
Use any side of the First Seed Box as a Tic Tac Toe Board. Winner gets to assemble the soccer ball.

Soccer Ball
Tear off all 8 perforated corners, bend at every crease, and re-shape the box into a ball. You're ready to play ball indoors without risking any (major) damage!

Blocks or Dice
Those corners you tore off? You can reuse those, too. Combine 4 to make a cube-shaped block. Make two of these to form a pair of dice.

Blueberries in a Bottle
There's a tray-like insert inside the Discovery Box holding the food cups in place. Place the opening of a bottle just underneath the center hole and scatter a handful of blueberries on the tray. See how quickly you can steer all of the blueberries into the bottle. Winner has first dibs on turning the soccer ball into their very own art project.

Art Projects
When you're done playing indoor soccer, grab some crayons, markers, or paint to transform the ball into something new.