Where do you ship?
We offer free shipping within the continental United States.

How much is shipping?
All orders ship free.

When will my order ship?
We ship orders once a month. Orders placed by July 12 will be delivered July 16-19. Orders placed by August 10 will be delivered August 13-16.

What time will it be delivered?
We are unable to provide information on a specific delivery time. Rest assured, your items will remain frozen as long as you're able to collect and unpack your package by the end of your delivery day.

How spicy is your food?
Spice levels can be very personal and we've always found this to be the hardest question to answer with accuracy. Our foods are somewhere between Mild and Medium. We did a poll of existing customers on how they'd rate the spice level of the food and most selected Mild, with a handful selecting Mild-to-Medium or Medium. Many customers feed our meals to young children who don't have a high threshold for spice.

When is the next time I can buy your products?
We do sales drops every month and announce it to our email list before anyone else. To get first access to our next drop, sign up at the bottom of this page.

Why doesn't your food have oil, butter, or ghee?
We aim to minimize the number of refined ingredients in our meals. And as it turns out, our food is just as delicious without oil, butter, and ghee. If you use these ingredients in your everyday home cooking, consider buying from brands like Brightland or Graza for more sustainably-sourced, fresh products.

I have allergies. Can I eat your foods?
It depends on your specific allergies. Most of our foods are Top 8 Allergen Free. Our Dal Makhani and Vegetable Korma contain cashews. All of these foods are produced in the same facility, using the same equipment. If you need to swap foods from a Discovery Box order to accommodate allergies, we'll take care of you.

Can I return my order?
Due to the perishable nature of our products, we do not accept returns. If you have an issue with your order, please drop us a line and we'll work together to make it right.

When will you offer new items?
We have lots of new foods in the works! We're still refining recipes and extensively testing a few new items, hoping they'll make the cut! If you have specific requests or recommendations, we'd love to hear about them.