I started First Seed because I wanted to have more fun.

And I want you to have more fun, too. 

At the end of 2021 I was tired. Tired of a seemingly never-ending pandemic, an impossible schedule juggling 2 young kids with a demanding career, and of running through the motions without clarity of purpose. 

When the clock struck midnight and it was 2022 I made an unconventional New Years resolution: to have more fun. This led to lots of interesting choices, including leaving my corporate job to work on a bigger problem with the potential for much greater impact. 

After getting more educated on how a whole food plant-based diet would impact my health and the health of our planet, I finally dove in and made it a bigger part of my life. And I felt incredible. Less inflammation, lots more energy. But, I found eating this way full-time to be pretty tough. Even though grocery stores today are exploding with vegan products, most are heavily processed and contain loads of oil and harmful preservatives—far from the premise of eating whole foods. 

So my husband and I started making our staple legumes in large quantities and freezing them. We were blown away to discover that even without oil, butter, ghee, and dairy, the food was as delicious as ever! And free from the daily meal prep, we unlocked more time for ourselves and more time for fun. 

I started First Seed Foods to make delicious, plant-based vegan meals convenient for other busy humans who want to pack more fun into their day—without compromising on their high standards for taste and quality. 

All of our food is made with love in small batches, prioritizing organic ingredients where possible. The foods are made without oil, soy, gluten, and artificial preservatives. 

I can't wait to make mealtime easier and more delightful for you and your family! 

Wishing you good health and loads more fun, 

Arti Mala 
Founder of First Seed Foods